Docker and TeamCity and Ubuntu

So it took way too long to set up a working system using Docker and TeamCity. TeamCity is basically the same thing as Jenkins. Although Jenkins has been having a lot of issues with their update center lately so I decided to try something new.

So if you go to the official website you'll see TeamCity and multiple ways to install it. I highly recommend you install it with Docker. We will be installing TeamCity on Ubuntu using Docker.

Official Teamcity site.

You will need Docker installed on your Ubuntu system.

The next up we need to create a Dockerfile.


What this will do is download and install the Teamcity agent. The agent will be connecting to our Teamcity server

Now we need to build a docker-compose file


To run docker compose

docker-compose up --build

Make sure the Dockerfile is in the same directory as the docker-compose.yml file

It will download all the necessary images and install nodeJS on the agent server.

Once that's done you can go to your localhost and port 8111


From there you can start setting up your tests that need to run.

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